понедельник, 17 августа 2009 г.

KOSRLIST_PP Prod. Orders: Coll. Displ. SettRules

I know you all might know, but anyway let me fix this useful trnx code in my blog: KOSRLIST_PP - displays settlment rule for PP order. Enjoy! :)

PS. Have not found this trnx in SAP standard menu (SAP 4.7).

PPS. table COBRB - quick and convenient view of settlement rules for PP orders.

четверг, 13 августа 2009 г.

Find a transaction by transaction parameter (TSTCP)

Would you like to find a transaction which has some specific parameters defined?
Let’s assume you know standard SAP RW report code (e.g. 9SIP-00, see trnx GRR3 for displaying th report), thus know report group it belongs to (9SIP). Now you might want to find S_ALR_* transaction which starts this report.
In this situation we know that such s_alr_* transaction must have RW group name in parameter D_SREPOVARI-REPORT and has to use START_REPORT transaction to start the report.
Good news! You could use table TSTCP table with search criteria for PARAM field like: *start_report*9SIP*.

вторник, 11 августа 2009 г.

F.5E, F.5F, clearing reset, document could not be found

Today I have been trying to find out why in F.5F log I see warning messages with text “Document not found”.
After little investigation it has become clear that document could not be found if it is created via batch input, which is prepared by F.5E run for items which could not be posted online. There is also a clue in the bottom of F.5F log. It tells us to check whether a batch input SAPF180/ has been created.
One example of why documents could not be posted online is reseting of a clearing that relates to some blocked previous period. The fact is that in this case posting is done to that previous period. And because it is blocked the posting could not be completed. So it goes to batch input. Conclusion: don’t forget to check SM35 in case of warnings or errors in F.5F log!
By the way: when we performed batch input for such clearing resets we simple changed the posting date to the current period.
Open question: why is posting date of clearing reset choosen as a last date of the period which the resetted clearing relates to?

пятница, 7 августа 2009 г.

restore PCA balances

If you want to add balance accounts to 3KEH and then have their current balance in the PCA you need to follow steps:

1. Check Post_automatically_only indicator on the account is off.
2. Make transfer posting to conversion account
3. Add accounts to 3KEH
4. Make reversal of transfer posting
5. Check results (compare PCA and FI)
6. To tick Post_automatically_only (if it was unticked in the step 1)

Note 1: transfer posting means posting to some technical off-balance account. With this posting you move current balance from your account. It is important to calculate amounts for transfer posting by trading company, profit center , probably debit and credit indicator.
Note 2: Mind that you should also consider amounts in second currency. By default they are calculated from amounts in first currency with current exchange rate, but most probably they are different from current balance in second currency.
Note 3. If don't want to increase turnover on the account you should make this transfer posting with negative posting indicator. And make a reversal with red storno as well.